Episode List

episode 1

David Madras

David Madras is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. I met him back in 2016 at The Amsterdam Bicycle club Monday night open mic, he was the first open mic artist I saw whose friends could actually
sing-along to his original songs. That’s the kind of music David writes. Music you can sing to, music you can remember.

episode 2

Jordan Paul

Mesmerizing, captivating, brilliant, pick a superlative – it classifies Jordan Paul. First and foremost a singer-songwriter, Jordan exploits his gift as a storyteller through melodic, haunting, and psychedelic musical stylings. Forced by a global pandemic to think quickly and reconfigure his immediate future, Jordan has taken the time he should be on tour to release new music.

episode 3

Mountain Head

Babe Ruth famously said – “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” Mountain Head
emerged in 2019 with nothing but legend surrounding their alluring identity. Since erupting onto
Canada’s independent music scene, the Mountain Head brothers – known for their psychedelic/electro
pop ear worms – have triggered an avalanche of loyal followers.

episode 4

Nicole Haber

Nicole has such an infectious personality and enthusiasm for life, you would never know
when talking to her that she spent 10 years quietly battling depression. Since courageously seeking professional help, Nicole has worked with DJs all over the world, using her voice to reach a global audience
all too familiar with her message.

episode 5

Julian Taylor

Julian is of West Indian and Mohawk descent, first making his name as the frontman of Canadian rock band Staggered Crossing in the early 2000s. Over the course of his 25 years in the music industry, Julian Taylor has released 10 albums. Between “The Julian Taylor Band” and his self-titled solo work, his music has been classified as pop, rock, RnB, Soul & Americana. But he refuses to accept a box for his music to be placed in, it’s all Rock’N’Roll to him – as it should be.

episode 6


On June 19th, indigenous artist Daniel Monkman a.k.a. Zoon, released his debut album “Bleached Wavves” through Paper Bag Records. Daniel’s moniker Zoongide’ewin (Zoon for short) is the Ojibway word for courage, it’s a theme that shreds its way through Daniel’s music and his life story. From overcoming loss, battling addiction, and travelling far from home; Zoon has distilled the emotions that come from those experiences into a body of work that bleeds energy & creativity, giving listeners the opportunity to step back from the noise of the world, and reflect.

episode 7


When it comes to debut EPs, there aren’t many that stand out to me like that of the Nova Scotia born, Toronto based Indie-Pop artist, Loviet.

“Everyone Knows The Thrill When It’s Over” is a ten and a half minute collection of summer anthems you could seamlessly mix in with The 1975 & Lady Gaga to keep the kitchen party alive.

episode 8

Stephen Stanley

What started in the 90s as a founding member of Canadian Alt-Rock band The Lowest of the Low has evolved through decades of writing, touring, performing, before settling in right where he belongs – with The Stephen Stanley Band.

In episode 8 of Release Day, I talk with Stephen about taking advantage of golden opportunities, staying creative and releasing music we might not have heard thanks to the pandemic – like the charm and character that his latest live album recorded in Germany back in 2018; The Stephen Stanley Band: Live Static Roots.

episode 9

Victoria Anthony

Victoria Anthony made headlines 2 years ago when when she sang for superstar P!NK at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Victoria has continued to follow her dreams from that life changing moment, and at just 15 years old, has released her debut album “Real Life.”


episode 10

Flara K

Just days before recording the interview, Sam and Collin returned home from a month-long RV trip that took them from Montreal, Quebec, to Vancouver, British Columbia. Not only did this allow them to escape the confines of their apartment, but to also creatively promote their new project and connect with industry peers along the way.

episode 11

Twin Flames

It is a great honour that we conclude 2020 speaking with Chelsey June, métis (Algonquin Cree) from Ottawa and Jaaji, Inuk and Mohawk from Nunavik about the lengths they went to, to connect with their audience, sharing the stories behind the music, providing an opportunity for their listeners to interact and share stories of their own, with the hope that they not feel so alone during this year of isolation.